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This is a great example of the original creators collaborating with the show and giving their support. While Gwen and Liv both become zombies through different means in the comics she emerges from her own grave , they both take on many physical traits of being a zombie that are similar. Each of them becomes incredibly pale, but both can pass as normal humans.

This is a major deviation from the traditional zombie that would be very noticeable if they tried to masquerade as a human. In the show, Liv also loses her sense of taste and smothers all of her food in hot sauce. While the setup of the procedural crime drama is new to the show, there is a history of Gwen using her abilities to solve crimes in the comics.

The comic becomes a much more bizarre and otherworldly story, with plot lines that develop over the course of the series, but it started with Gwen and her friends using their powers to solve crimes. Rob Thomas and the creators took this idea and developed it to focus more on the crime-solving aspect that becomes the main focus of the show. In the comic, the main character is named Gwen Dylan. For the show, the name was changed to Liv Moore, a clever pun alluding to her being a zombie. Aside from the attempt at humor, this may have been done to further separate the two characters, as there is much more than a name change that is different from the comics in the show.

Gwen Dylan and Liv Moore feel very much like two different characters, and the name change helps to demonstrate this. In the comics, zombies are far from the only supernatural creature running around.

The world is filled with ghosts, werewolves, and a variety of other monsters. In the comic book, there are all sorts of monsters, but that HBO show True Blood was already doing the all the monsters. In the comics, Gwen Dylan is a gravedigger, which supplies her with the constant source of brains that she needs.

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Liv Moore works in a morgue, allowing her to eat the brains of those that she autopsies. Having Liv in the morgue gives her a case every week that leads to the procedural crime drama the creators desired.

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Liv gains insight into every case through the brains she consumes, which she originally explains by pretending to be a psychic and is able to solve the crimes that led to their deaths. Ravi Chakrabarti, her boss in the morgue.

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  6. While the explanation for Gwen being a zombie in the comics comes from the supernatural and mythological elements of the world, the show goes for the more traditional route of having it be a disease. This leads to a plot development of Ravi discovering that Liv is a zombie and trying to find a cure for her.

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