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What is the least number of flowers you could have started with? How many flowers did you place at each temple? The answer to the logic puzzle can be found by watching the video below. Then, try your hand at some other brainteasers.

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How good are your probability calculation skills? Scroll down to read the puzzle and give it a shot. Good luck! This brain teaser is more of a probability or statistics math problem. Should you play the game? Is it fair for both dealer and player? You just joined millions of people that love getting smarter every day.

Your first email will arrive shortly. Curiosity uses cookies to improve site performance, for analytics and for advertising. By continuing to use our site, you accept our use of cookies, our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Get smarter each time you open a new tab with the Curiosity Smart Tab Chrome extension. Sign in close. Hindu hell, however, is traditionally a continuation of life on earth called samsara. Samsara is the endless cycle of death and rebirth that is the result of our ignorance of the ultimate reality of the universe. Yamantaka [wiki], the Conqueror of Death, the last stop in the quest for enlightenment Image credit: Dharmanet.

One of the most detailed and elaborate depictions of the afterlife is from the Tibetan Buddhist text Bardo Thodol, or the Tibetan Book of the Dead. The Bardo Thodol teaches that after death, the soul exists in the Bardo for 49 days in a between that can lead to Nirvana or back into rebirth. A good death tends to push the soul toward enlightenment, while a bad death can move it toward rebirth in the world. Tibetan Buddhists thus spend a lot of time and energy in helping the dying. Salyer has also taught literature, philosophy, and religion for twelve years.

He is the editor of Literature and Theology at Century's End.

After both Adam and Eve have eaten the fruit, what is the first thing they do?

Customization and personalization available. Your email has been sent! This website uses cookies to improve user experience. By using this website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Paradise: Islam 16th century Persian miniature depicting Muhammad ascending to paradise on the mystical part-eagle, part-horse Buraq, in the event called the Mi'raj [wiki] or Night Journey. Image credit: Wikipedia The Islamic version of heaven is a paradise for those whose good works have outweighed the bad as determined by the straight path laid out in the Quran.

Nirvana: Buddhism The Way to Nirvana, a Thangka painting from Dharmapala Thangka Centre One of the four noble truths of the Buddha is that suffering is caused by desire, the desire to have but also the desire to be. Schell and others As with their view of heaven, Jews have an ambiguous version of hell. Hell: Christianity Hell, depicted in Hortus deliciarum [wiki] a medieval manuscript c. Hell: Islam The Day of the Last Judgment, painting attributed to artist Mohammad Modabber - undated, but likely from the late 19th century.

Reza Abbasi Museum, Mohammed Image Archive The Quran, the sacred text of Islam, usually speak of heaven and hell in the same passage, perhaps in order to provide a dramatic contrast. Samsara: Hinduism Wheel of Life , depicted in a Tibetan Buddhist painting although the concept is similar in Hinduism Image credit: photo by Henryart , Wikipedia Again, the Eastern religions have a very different notion of the afterlife, although in some sects of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Taoism, there are heavens and hells that are similar to Western ideas of the same.

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Abusive comment hidden. Show it anyway. In order to understand or believe of somethings that are not visible but yet exist is a matter of faith Has anyone ever seen the air we breath Heaven and Hell in scientific finding? Well, we have not been able to even explore the earth totally yet have we?

Or, we have not even the technology yet to travel to the deepest seabed. Lets not be judgemental and have faith When you are in trouble like for example someone is about to blow your head wide open What would you be doing at the verge of this? Do you think any miracle would likely to happen at the time as in lifesaver.

Who saves life? Why must it be taken away when it is your life?

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Who dares to take it away? The guy with the gun? Whatever for and where will he be keeping it? Anyone able to answer this? Religious Man: People like me. Unfaithful Man: You really need to work on your threats. Erewhon Revisited discusses this trope at length and suggests that heaven would have to be a place of continual pleasant surprises. For example, when you first get there, the angel on duty should tell you that your luggage was sent to another part of heaven, or even hell, but when you get to your room, it should be waiting there for you.

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Job: A Comedy of Justice. After the Rapture, Alex Hergensheimer ends up in Heaven. However, his love Margrethe is not with him because she worshiped the deities of Norse Mythology. He eventually decides to leave Heaven to search for her. The idea is put forth in Paradise Lost. At its heart, this trope isn't that Heaven is a horrible place, just that, for some people, it isn't perfect. It isn't Heaven. It's Hell.

Lewis puts forth the same idea in The Problem of Pain : the reason people go to Hell is because their own actions have warped their minds to the point that Heaven would be Hell to them. In Good Omens , we get the impression from Crowley that Heaven's a boring place with few composers, theaters and films.

And you'll enjoy it. Heaven has no taste. And not a single decent sushi restaurant. But Crowley, who had spent time in both places, could see that they had a lot in common.

You couldn't get a decent drink in either place, for example. And the boredom you got in Heaven was as bad as the excitement you got in Hell. One fanfic even showed Aziraphale being utterly miserable in Heaven After the End , only to then drop the bombshell that he had actually been on Hell's torture roster all along, meaning that Heaven was literally his personal Hell. Susie in The Lovely Bones is in Heaven, but it seems like a rather dull place, and she's absolutely miserable missing her family and watching them grow up without her.

Justified in that the version of "Heaven" Susie and others are in is implied to be a preliminary stage before the soul moves on. Although it's a wonderful place in theory— it is shaped by the desires of its inhabitants , so that Susie is able to attend an idealized version of the high school she looked forward to entering while she was alive —it's inherently a place for those who have yet to let go of their old lives and who have not yet ceased to watch their living friends and family carry on without them.

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Only by resolving these issues can Susie go to the true Heaven, and she's working with an assigned psychiatrist to that end. In one of his speeches published , Mark Twain commented, "Heaven for climate, and Hell for society. They are quickly bored by it and ask if there is anything else. He spoofs the trope again in Adventures of Huckleberry Finn when Huck gets a lesson on heaven from Miss Watson and is deeply unimpressed by the idea of wearing a white robe and playing a harp for eternity. When he asks her whether his friend Tom Sawyer will be there and she responds with an emphatic negative, he's glad because he figures he won't be there either.

In Jitterbug Perfume , one character travels to the afterlife or at least the first stage where souls are weighed and measured as in Egyptian mythology. The decks are covered in people, sitting at tables, standing around, discussing all matter of things, and generally carrying on. Either way, only the most "interesting" people are sent to the ship, and its unclear if they are able to disembark at whatever location lies over the horizon.

In The Salvation War , an afterlife in Heaven means eternal menial servitude to the angels. Better than the tortures of Hell, but if you were the kind of person who qualified for Heaven you're in for a rude shock. Meanwhile, the famous bounty of Heaven consists entirely of "enough food, good weather, no wars and livable housing", the latter still being hovels by modern standards. One character speculates that when Yahweh closed the gates of Heaven centuries ago, he did it because what it offered was no longer certain to be a paradise compared to Earth. In Piers Anthony's Incarnations of Immortality series, Satan takes a trip up to Heaven to speak with the management, and notes that every single layer of it is insanely boring; one soul he brought with him even requests to go back to Hell , because at least all his friends are there.

Because of the repeated errors in classification of souls, he sets up a 'mock Heaven' in Hell geared towards what he thinks Heaven should be like: it becomes very popular indeed. The angel Gabriel, the chief administrator, also takes his advice and starts reforms of Heaven to make it more palatable to those there.

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Live Action TV. A recently dead hunter is walking a long road and comes across the path to Heaven when a "gatekeeper" tells him that his dog can't go in with him. After some debating and considering things, the hunter chooses to continue down the road with his canine companion rather than enter Heaven.

Soon afterwards, an angel tells him that the gatekeeper was trying to trick him into Hell, which is why the dog wasn't allowed in: "A man, well, he'll walk right into Hell with both eyes open. But even the Devil can't fool a dog! A low level criminal named Rocky is killed by police soon after robbing a jewelry store. He is greeted by an affable guide named Pip who takes him to a lavish hotel room and offers him his hearts desires, from nice clothing, to booze, to women.

Seeing all the niceties and good things, Rocky realizes this must be Heaven, but is confused as he doesn't remember doing anything of great good to merit being there. After a month, the good times have gotten boring. He always wins at roulette, always hits jackpot on the slots, one shot on a pool table and he sinks all the balls, he can rob a bank and not get caught. Rocky is really beyond bored and nearly driven insane by how good things are for him. It turns out, though, this isn't Heaven. It is an Ironic Hell constructed for a man of greed and pride to now receive all he can ever hope for and more.

In the first season of Blackadder , Edmund, having been appointed the Archbishop of Canterbury , uses this trope along with A Hell of a Time to convince a wealthy landowner that Heaven is only for pious people and Hell is where all the fun happens. This convinces the man to leave all his holdings to the king and, in so doing, damn himself to Hell. Pretty much the premise of The Good Place : the main character is wrongly sent to Heaven, where her less-than-good nature wrecks havoc on her neighborhood.

And then things get worse. And then season 1 ends with the reveal that it was a special kind of hell all along. Supernatural : Heaven seems great on paper, but is essentially one gigantic Lotus-Eater Machine when examined. Everyone gets their own private "room" where they get to relive their fondest memories. Unfortunately, since everybody gets a private room, this means a person never gets to see their loved ones again and has to experience the rest of eternity completely alone with only their memories playing on repeat to bring them happiness.

Sam and Dean come to the conclusion that Heaven is actually pretty crappy once they see it for themselves. The narrator dies in the final verse, and almost doesn't get into Heaven because he doesn't meet the dress code. Peter decides to let him in anyway, but assigns him the room next to the noisy ice machine for all eternity, and screams the chorus to the song outside his room every day. Played for dark laughs in Sparks ' song "Here in Heaven", narrated by the successful half of a suicide pact. The Talking Heads song "Heaven" describes Heaven as being rather monotonous.

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As one stanza says: "nobody's happy in Heaven, and that God is a bore and his son is annoying as well. Of the games you could play you're stuck with Monopoly day after day, you'd be just as happy in hell". Mythology and Religion. The vita of Wulfram, ex-bischop of Sens and missionary who died in the 8th century, tells us of the Frisian king Radbod [died ], who is about to be baptized by Wulfram.

The king asks him whether he'll join his ancestors in heaven after his death.