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The bigger the dream, the more powerful effect it has on oneself and the tribe in which one lives. All the other tribes which had earlier vaunted themselves above their neighbors simply fell apart. And there was nothing the war-inclined rulers could do to stop it. Their authority weakened, and disappeared completely. They were defeated by something, but there was no war. Before this image all warriors fall to the ground, powerless. Eventually the high priest becomes jealous of the power of Anastasia's forefather and threatens him with life imprisonment in the tower if he does not share the secret of his power with him.

The high priest insists that he is a creator, but her forefather make a cogent case that the high priest is not a creator. The reason lies in the difference between originators and copiers, between creators and imitators. Anyone who limits their belief structures cannot create freely.

They are like a hobbled horse who cannot run. The high priest had revealed his own powerlessness by pleading. One who creates is capable of giving of himself. You, on the other hand, are one who entreats, which means you are already well within the shell of unbelief. Vladimir becomes interested in whether Anastasia might be able to sing those songs which her forefather used to merge the tribes into the state of Egypt. She demurs, saying she can hear them but cannot sing them because so many of the words no longer exist or have different meanings.

But she gives him hope of hearing them:. They will rise again. You just said a translation is impossible. But it is possible to create new songs in the same spirit and with the same meaning. Bards are creating them right now, using words familiar to everyone today. The final song my forefather sang back then you have already heard.

Where did I hear it? Chapter Twenty-One begins an amazing journey for Vladimir. First Anastasia demonstrated beaming herself from beside Vladimir to the other side of the lake! Yes, without any Star Trek transporter, she dematerialized from one side of the lake and instantly re-appeared on the other side. Prompted by Vladimir's questioning, the two of them begin talking about other planets and Anastasia admits to him that she has visited a distant planet with almost human creatures. He asks her to take him along with her and in the next chapter "Other Worlds" she does. They find there a planet formed by the elements who have tried to create human beings, but managed to only create android machines which resemble human beings.

Anastasia indicates that these beings have been planning an invasion of Earth, and Vladimir after learning of their powerful weapons sees no way for us to survive, but Anastasia rebuts his pessimism:. It is known as Man's thought.

Even I alone could turn about half of their weapons into dust and scatter them through the Universe. She lays out the plan for the invasion and it becomes clear that these proto-humans are fully ahrimanic beings who offer to create completely material beings out of divine, spiritual Man. Enough ahrimanic influences exist already on Earth that such an invasion would be welcomed by the powers in control of most all the countries in the world. Anastasia pinpoints for him that the danger is to one's immortal soul and spirit. In fact, it will self-destruct.

All that is left will be material bodies. And every Man, Vladimir, will come to more and more resemble a biological robot. And all the children of the Earth will henceforth be born biological robots. Humans will recognize their loss and start ending their own lives, she tells him.

Anastasia and Her Sisters

If Man's thought is so powerful according to Anastasia, you might be wondering how could we be in danger of invasion by a lesser form of being. Man himself thereby belittles his own God-given power and attributes power to other creations other than the Divine. They those other creations have already learnt to gather the energy human thoughts and feelings can produce into a unified complex and are proud of that achievement.

She explains this all to Vladimir by telling him an old parable about two sons. The younger brother stays home and just lives while the older brother sets out around the world searching for the wisdom of the world to bring home to his brother and their descendants. The younger brother tell his elder brother he wishes to stay home. There is no wisdom here, no one has left it here and no one will bring it to us of their own accord.

But I as the elder brother have decided I must, for both our sakes, and for the sake of our line which will extend through time, find everything that is wise in this world.

Drawings from the book «AllatRa» written by Anastasia Novykh

I must find it and bring it home, and bestow it upon our descendants as well as our own selves. I shall take with me everything of value our father left us, and travel throughout the world and meet all the wise people of different lands. I shall learn all their teachings and then return to my native home. With that the elder brother sets out into the world journeying North and South, East and West, and with his excellent memory, he commits everything he learns and encounters to his heart.

After sixty years he returns home and shares his knowledge with his younger brother. Each thing he shares, as he shares it, we watch as the younger brother demonstrates that very thing. Miraculously, the younger brother while staying home learned the wisdom his older brother had spent his life in search of. Here are some examples, with the elder brother's advice in italics and the younger's words following in regular type:. I forgot to open the window so that you can breathe the fresh air. I planted them the year you left. Forgive me, I have not even introduced you to my wife.

After the wise elder brother was finishing sharing his wisdom with his younger brother, he asked for their father's old hammer and chisel and said that he would inscribe the most important lesson on a great rock by the pathway and then leave forever. As we read this inscription we can imagine that the wise man received this last lesson at the home of his younger brother when he returned.

You keep losing it with every step you take, and are finding nothing new. Vladimir gets the message and asks Anastasia, "Who taught the younger brother all these wise things? All the wisdom of the Universe is included for ever in each soul right from the moment it is created. It is just that wise men slyly intellectualize for their own interests, and thereby lead people away from the most important thing. And what is the most important thing, you and Vladimir are probably thinking at the same time?

Anastasia begins the next chapter with the answer:. Everyone can feel God with their soul and live in Paradise. One single moment is all that separates Paradise from people living on the Earth today. Each one possesses conscious awareness within. When dogmas do not interfere with this awareness, then look Vladimir, at what can come to pass.

With those words Anastasia lit up and led Vladimir to a patch of bare sand where she began to draw a square representing the hectare of land about 2.

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The land can be open land covered with wild grass. At this point Vladimir asks her if she's opposed to fences. She says no, but asks him of what material should it be made. All the materials he proposes are expensive to acquire and construct and require constant maintenance.

Anastasia Romanov - Private Detective

She offers him and us a better plan. A living fence made of raspberry bushes and trees at various distances apart. The individual could choose what kind of berry bushes and trees to suit their own location. Here's Anastasia's solution for the fence in part. Birches, maples, oaks and cedars.

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Someone may intertwine a rowan-tree with clusters of bright red berries and still plant guelder-roses in between. And make room for bird-cherry trees and lilac bushes. After all, you. Each planter should watch to see how high each one grows, how it blooms in the spring, what kind of a fragrance it has and what feathered friends it attracts. Thus your hedge will be both sonorous and pleasantly fragrant, and you will never get tired of looking at it, as the picture will be changing its tints with each passing day.

It will flourish with colors anew every spring and every autumn burst forth in an explosion of fiery hues. Notice how robust her solution is to the problem of the fence: no expensive materials or labor to install, no maintenance, with lots of pluses such as birds, animals, fragrances, colors, and nutrition. A fence that would truly be a "thing of beauty and a joy forever. As the two of them go over the plans, Vladimir is surprised to find that Anastasia is not diametrically opposed to the use of technology.

There is no sense in rejecting technology for the project at hand. Indeed, any invention of the dark forces must be put to use to serve the forces of light. Then you can go over it again with the plough to fill in the soil. While the earth is still loose, you can adjust the position of each sapling to even out the row. Vladimir asks for more details about creating sustainable land without artificial fertilizers and exactly what crops to plant, etc.

So she outlines the plan starting from the hedge fence of berry plants and trees. Let us divide it, reserving half or three-quarters of the lot for a forest, and there plant a variety of trees. On the edge of the forest, where it borders on the remaining part of the lot, we shall plant a hedge in such a way that animals cannot pass through it and trample the crops growing in the garden plot.

And we shall also use saplings to construct a shelter for egg-laying hens. We shall plant raspberry and currant bushes among the trees in the forest, and wild strawberries around the edge. Later, after the trees in the forest have grown a little, we can set up two or three empty log hives there for bees. And we shall use trees to make a gazebo where you will have a cool place, safe from the heat, to talk with your children or your friends. And we can make a summer sleeping area out of living things, along with a creative workshop for you.

And sleeping places for the children, and a living room. It won't be a forest we end up with, but more of a palace! There is a tremendous lot of barren land in the USA where such hectare plots of land could be turned into such a Space of Love in perpetuity for a family using the general plan outline set down by Anastasia and modified for local flora and fauna.

Anastasia builds a scenario for a marriage between a man and a woman living in the Space of Love, their own bit of Paradise, a Kin's domain built as she laid out the plans. That is the home, the "splendid living home in love" that Anastasia mentions in the next passage where she describes a newly married couple planning their first child.

Vladimir has just finished offering the usual pattern of people coupling without any thought to having a child, often before they have married. He and she build their splendid living home in love for one another and in thoughts about their future co-creation. And they visualize how their son or daughter will be happy in that place. Then they will visualize how their child, when he grows up, will want to rest in his parents' garden after a hard day's journey and sit in the shade of a cedar tree. In the shade of a tree planted in love for him by his parents' hands, with thoughts of him, in their native land.

The planting of the family tree on the part of the future parents will define this first point, and this point in turn will call upon the planets to aid them in their future co-creation. It is vital! It is important! And above all else it belongs to God! It is confirmation that you will be creating in His likeness! In the likeness of Him, the Grand Creator! And He will rejoice in the conscious awareness of His son and daughter. Rather than thoughtless conception, Anastasia urges thoughtful conception, and describes what the spiritual effects of such conception will be.

Please believe me, Vladimir. The currents of all the diverse energies of the Universe will unite in that spot where the thoughts of two have merged into one in love, where two together are contemplating a splendid creation. In her words, we can visualize the famous quote of quote of Baal Shem Tov - coming into realization, "From every human being there arises a light that reaches straight to heaven and when two souls that are destined to be together find each other, their streams of light flow together and a single brighter light goes forth from their united being.

She goes on to describe how the pregnant wife will live in that spot for nine months, experiencing joy in the blossoming of spring and summer, surrounded only by sounds of Divine creations. Right there on the spot where the conception occurred the birth should take place. And the father should stay close around. And the great all-loving Father will raise over the three of them a crown. I don't know why, Anastasia, but I find your words even took my breath away. Who the reader himself chooses — that is what the book's plot is about. The book tells about the final days that the martial arts group led by Sensei spends at the seaside.

The reader will be able to discover this and much more if he views the history of this world from an absolutely new point of view. The legendary personality of Sensei, in one way or another, unites these three stories: "Duty", "Everything is so simple", and "Birds and stone". From that moment on he has got absolutely different view on world. During their conversation they have concerned a lot of issues that are vital for every man in his old age and also a deep ancient parable has been revealed.

This fascinating book is full of humor and adventures of the main heroes. It contains impressive information about the world, secrets of time and phenomenon of teleportation. It is, indeed, an evolutionary breakthrough for the world science, which still remains at the stage of researching of epoch-making discoveries of hundred years' standing.

Anastasia Romanov - Private Detective by Fergus Wilson

This knowledge touches upon the full spectrum of fundamental and interdisciplinary research in various scientific fields: from physics of microcosm to cosmology, including unique information on fundamentals of neutrino physics and astrophysics of elementary particles. These are, in many respects, unique books. They make it possible to perceive the basic underlying keys to much secret knowledge about the world and man, understand the spiritual essence of the various religions, to broaden their horizons in practical matters of the spiritual formation of the person, and to achieve inner peace and happiness.

The latest events in the world - the economic world crisis and the geopolitical changes make everyone wonder about the causes of their origin. If we arrange the whole mosaic of the current events out of separate news fragments, it may seem that behind all of these messes and sudden changes which are bursting into the life of every person, are the forces, concrete people, possessing the main part of the world assets, whose names are not announced.

Nevertheless, they are the real "puppeteers" of the world multimillionaires. AllatRa Consciousness and Personality. From the inevitably dead to the eternally alive Sensei of Shambala. Book I Sensei of Shambala. Book II Sensei of Shambala. Effective Ways to Solve These Problems Spiritual practices and meditations Predictions of the future and the truth about past and present. Learn more.

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AllatRa This is an unusual book in every respect! Consciousness and Personality. From the inevitably dead to the eternally alive This is an alive conversation with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov. Sensei of Shambala. Book I This book reveals the inner world of a sixteen-year old girl who suddenly finds herself face to face with death. The unbridled energy of her inner search leads her to a meeting with an unusual, highly erudite man, a master of martial arts and a very mysterious Personality - Sensei.

Book III The book tells about one more exceptional day that the martial arts group spends at the seaside together with Sensei. Book IV The book tells about the final days that the martial arts group led by Sensei spends at the seaside. Birds and a Stone The legendary personality of Sensei, in one way or another, unites these three stories: "Duty", "Everything is so simple", and "Birds and stone".

Ezoosmos This fascinating book is full of humor and adventures of the main heroes.