Ho visto morire il comunismo (I grilli) (Italian Edition)

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This is also the reason why it is used as synonym for male genitalia. A person who is responsible does not necessarily have to answer for their behaviours. A person who is accountable does, willingly or not. Note that in your example you can be legally responsible for your children without, de facto, being actually accountable this may be a function of the legal system, for example, or the pressure originated within the society. In any case I think that, even if he made a mistake, it's better to have things polished here. Verbatim quotation should not be modified unless the changes are explicitly pointed out, as Kyriakos suggests.

The item you refer to is called 'stecca' or 'spranga'. Quindi il greco c'entra, ma molto alla lontana. Said in a less colourful way: that verb is quite questionable. Sarebbe un attimo rispondere se si avesse un dizionario con gli anni di prima attestazione delle parole come lo Zingarelli , in un formato comodo per farci ricerche. Serra voleva usare una parola buffa e fulminea e l'ha messa in corsivo , non intendeva coniare un neologismo duraturo. I knew about the origin, but I always thought the surname was ending in -i.

Un investimento per definizione non dovrebbe perdere valore nel tempo anzi! Per svaluta intendo che perde valore, se quando lo comprato potevo barattarlo con pagnotte di pane e adesso lo posso barattare con 1 per me ha perso valore. Aspetto la tua risposta L'investimento non perde valore, sono i beni che eventualmente perdono valore. However, it is not just a preference of mine. If we are discussing a word, we should mention it explicitly. How would you say it? There is simply not a 1-to-1 correspondence between words of different languages.

Or, if you did so, what was wrong with the answers you found? There's no such mention in the dictionary. I would think twice before using it even in a book. Grazie comunque! If you are serious about learning Italian you should consider browsing an actual, complete paper or digital vocabulary. I agree with mau that, for instance, the second example you give sounds overly formal and would definitely sound more strange than the other version.

Thank for the useful link, anyway! Actually your question is very interesting, but don't you think that it all refers to Latin? That is, that verbs mostly reflect the original Latin conjugation? No grazie. Stessa cosa anche in riferimento a utenti di forum o altri siti web. Lo spreco di puntini serve a nascondere le carenze nella sintassi. Thank you for highlighting that. Are we sure it is not just a mistake? Mathematically a number is definitely not an acronym, but a single object. It can be a lemma or the inflected form of a lemma … I think we can agree on that?

Can you produce sources suggesting the contrary? I was under the impression that in all languages, more or less, some foreign city names get adapted Better safe than sorry Si tratta di un caso raro, sono poche le parole con differente significato tra maschile e femminile. Some course you are taking? The final alternative name from Walter also makes that connection clearer.

User, the translations below are correct, but i don't think you can learn more then a 0. Italian language is pretty hard to learn, because of its particularities and given that even several native speakers can't master its syntax. In ogni caso, se non lo vuoi lo gnocco fritto lo prendo io! Now all is clear. Io avrei detto che le braccia ha valore collettivo allo stesso modo di dita e indica tutti gli arti superiori di una persona.

Ad esempio. Certamente corretto, comunque. Io sono trentino ed ho studiato in provinia di Vicenza. In entrambe le province si usa prevalentemente sporta. I can't thank you enough for all this work. Parecchio scomodo insomma. It is far from uncommon in its simple usage. Sound alone cannot explain this. Hence my question. Could be because I'm WalterTross I will also edit the other question to explain how I encountered the expression. Thanks a lot! That's why I think that either, or you don't understand very well the the meaning of my translation, or you are totally missing the point here.

Thanks for noting, I'll edit my answer. The sentence simply doesn't provide an answer without more context. The algebra solution is the overkill solution. That's why I asked the question in the first place. A bit on the informal side, maybe, but nothing more. I like comparison between whichever and whatever as well. I live in Lombardy, and in some places articles are never used in front of masculine names. This label could apply to three separate speech varieties. Scottish Gaelic is a Celtic language. Scottish English is a dialect of English. Scots is the closest relative of English and shares a common ancestor rather than having ever split off from British English.

It has shared some evolution with English and had a steadily increasing amount of influence from English so that many people are ignorant of its origins and assume it's a dialect. Maybe I wasn't clear enough. As an example, Moldovan and Romanian are considered two different languages even if they are just two variants perfectly mutually understandable of the same speech.

On the contrary, e. Bavarian is considered to be a dialect of Standard German, while a German a cannot understand a Bavarian's speech. In Transnistria I'm not sure if they insist Moldovan is a separate language but they do still use the Cyrillic alphabet.

This, more than an answer, looks like a comment. Would you please try and expand it? Se non lo dici, non scriverlo. Maybe this was the justification? Buono a sapersi, comunque. Do you mean proper or common nouns? Could you provide some explicit example of the phenomenon you are curious about? Is this right? If so, it would be quite hard to give you an answer. You use these to identify more precisely the object of your sentence.

Does this answer your question? I guess it is just because there is an implied specificity that Italian just makes direct. It's just our language, and there are also differences from region to region. For example in the north east the article is placed in front of women's first name. Forse il cugino del padre potrebbe essere di 2 grado anche lui? Ho corretto e aggiunto una fonte. Non sembra che in italiano esistano nomi specifici per parentele lontane. Pronuncia dal ramo francese pesanemente ereditata nei termini anglofoni. Quindi mi pare che nulla, formalmente, ne vieti la formazione del comparativo.

That one is an artificial lake. However, it looks like a park rather than a seaport of sorts. Does it function as both? Around the lake there is a big park. I'm not sure whether to accept your answer over the other both correct, thought yours is much more thorough. Questo risponde alla tua domanda? Possibilmente hai ragione. Trovo molto curiosa l'esistenza in italiano di queste tre parole che corrispondono a un solo vocabolo in molte lingue.

Concretamente penso che nessuno, normalmente, ci farebbe caso. Non prenderla a male! E l'espressione suona bene! Ma effettivamente questa domanda sembra off topic. Tali parole simile possono avere un uso e un senso nel linguaggio comune diverso da quello che si fa in italiano. Spero che questa non-risposta possa essere di qualche aiuto. Quindi forse varrebbe la pena separare le due questioni e scegliere un diverso esempio andar mi faccia il Re nel … Belgio?

Bene, cerco di farlo. Per quanto riguarda il Belgio, questo fa eccezione alla regola suggerita da Kokoroatari e vuole l'articolo in molti casi in cui altri paesi non lo vorrebbero. A volte dopo il punto interrogativo ci va addirittura la virgola!!! Any kind of activity could be included, not just the job. Look at the minute B Con valore rafforzativo del compl. Thank you for the links - I'll take a look. The adverb or preposition added don't actually change the meaning of the verb as in the case of the English language. I don't know if this qualifies as a programming language.

Some people stick with the old pronounciation. This may mean that it is a very infrequent expression and this is the reason of my question. Potere dell'italiano! If a question is asked in English you should answer it in English. Mixing the two doesn't work very well because the OP may not be able to understand your reply think of someone that just started learning Italian, or an Italian that doesn't speak English. Both may ask a question here. Apparently they even use to give beer to horses to improve performance.

But in the current usage the two are often exchanged, and the nature of the place tends to dictate the preposition to be used: whether it is a city, a country, a street Unfortunately, Italian grammar is often taken for granted in high school, so it's not discussed in greater depth when students have more maturity for understanding the real processes. Usage will come natural after a while. Only little point: I would say Scotch is used as a generic trademark in US English as well, it is not just an Italian thing.

Si un po' sono rimasto deluso.. Look like I will go with 'bibliofila' to add to my description of myself in Italian. As a native English speaker I am well aware of of the kleptomaniac history of my language. As a student of Italian, I love the way that it builds new words. My latest favourite is 'palestrato', derived from palestra, and is far more interesting than gym junkie. I will probably never master Italian, but at least I am trying. But I am probably nitpicking Una risposta dettagliata! As a native Italian speaker, I never heard of such a word, and I wouldn't have understood it if someone mentioned it in a conversation.

I was concerned with found a way to explain the literal meaning, and I forgot a really common case. I'll edit my answer. Therefore, I believe that strictly speaking this question is not on topic. Most people outside of Italy do not understand many Italian gestures. This said, I would move this discussion to meta. Sorry, I misunderstood what you were saying. La locuzione sembra essere in fase di elaborazione culturale in Italia, dove sono in corso dei dibattiti per chiarirne il significato.

Not to mention that the translation back into English says something else again. Have my upvote. It is more an Americanism. I enjoy how many of the contributors here are so patient and informative. Lui parla italiano in maniera meravigliosa. Also Raddusa seems to come from Arabic. It's very kind of you to personally thank contributors. Grazie per la risposta. I also find that Raddusa is believed to be of Arabic origin. It was not clear what the question was.

So I tried to give an advice on the use of the word: don't use it as inclusive or but be aware that some use it exactly that way. Nel tuo esempio sull'agente di polizia le due traduzioni hanno significati completamente diversi. Forse conviene cercare un esempio migliore se vuoi supportare quella tesi. L'esempio si riferisce al secondo caso, l'esempio di Renzo Arbore al primo. Also, I am not sure that the common ending of words with a different etymology is entirely due to chance: there might still be some contamination effect, e.

Also, Ragusa has quite a composite etymology, from Greek to Arabic in the first version to Arabic in the second version to Latin and finally to Italian. Qui a StackExchange ci aspettiamo risposte ragionevolmente lunghe, composte principalmente da fatti, e supportate da delle fonti; considera l'idea di allungare la tua risposta. A me sembra un suggerimento utile. Ho modificato, spero in meglio, la mia risposta.

The first answer seems the closest, i. But the various comments people have made indicate that it may or may not be out of chance due to the fairly large number of examples. The point here is not the gender of the person but the grammatical gender of the noun, and, even more precisely, that of the receiver of the action. It is fine: you didn't do anything wrong. So be bold and, when you have a question, just ask. Please keep asking whenever you encounter any difficulties in understanding specifics of Italian. And please believe me, everybody here is glad to answer a good question.

It is clever and obvious at the same time. It seems that this platform rewards users for editing contributions but also punishes those who are frequently clumsy with wording. I appreciate all the help I get here with developing my understanding of the beautiful language. Examples always help to make the point clearer. The examples help to clarify the point. After a lifetime of using English, I am finding Italian challenging but very much worth the effort.

At least I can't come up with any example where this isn't true. Feel free to keep posting; just pick up the habit to ensure that your question is on-topic and hasn't been already answered. La aggiungo alla risposta, anche se credo che il tuo dubbio fosse sugli aggettivi! This has been bugging me for ages and this helps to make it much clearer. Dunque, sembra che si tratti di un'espressione idiomatica siciliana.

Secondo me, Camilleri cerca di descrivere quello che un personaggio sta pensando in quel momento e lo fa usando le parole che passano per la testa di tale personaggio. Grazie per avermelo segnalato! Perhaps a hand palm drawing circles in the air with thumb pointing upwards? Usually my somewhat unlearned examples are not the actual sentence I am trying to translate but merely an example. All contributions, however, are appreciated. These tenses are very hard to grasp for a native English speaker.

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I then move on to having more than one past tense in the same sentence and my brain starts to hurt AHHHH! Of course I didn't intend to criticise you: I only seized the opportunity to mention an inaccuracy common to many Italians as well and to myself as well, until someone pointed out this to me! Aren't you explaining the meaning of the sound in the question itself?

Your English is way better than my baby Italian. Also thanks for link it's seems useful. First one is not. Entered my 30 characters. So, if you want to state the mere existence of something plural , you omit the partitive article; if you want to stress the relative scarcity of something, you use it. That's also why we can use other words to clarify what we mean e. Context usually disambiguates. Feel free to edit my answer with more information. The person is asking for a clarification over an Italian jargon word, and aims at understanding its meaning so it's perfectly ok.

What is the context? I searched for 'carved into the face' on Google and it seems the phrase is only used in a realistic and quite graphical way.

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If it is about the comprehension of an Italian expression independently on how to say the same in other languages , please rephrase your question. O forse sono io che frequento troppe librerie e biblioteche. Tuttavia sentendo quella frase detta da una persona non di madrelingua mi verrebbe se non altro da sorridere.

Da notare tuttavia che questo piatto si discosta abbastanza da quello che hai descritto! Grazie anche per il link! E tutte e due parti della parola, secondo Pianigiani, provengono dal latino. Forse va anche considerata come locuzione polirematica. Communicating the idea is the most important thing in writing or speaking. I believe that your expression is conveying an image of someone with hollow, emaciated facial features, as suggested by the comments above.

Could it be a van? If possible, clarify what kind of fruit is being sold. The stall I am writing about is for a lampredottai, not a fruttivendolo. Buono il lampredotto! E quindi? Cosa significa? Il suo uso non si estende a tutti i verbi. Della storia? Grazie mille! I vostri commenti sono davvero utili!

In my opinion, you should have another writer of the seventieth or eighteenth century, since you have no one. Direi che, piaccia o meno, non sia possibile escludere le rime del Petrarca, quanto meno per l'influenza che hanno avuto sul resto della letteratura italiana e no. Just my two cents. I hope this doesn't confound more! Io ho l'impressione che lo slittamento semantico possa in parte essere dovuto a regionalismi e in parte a revisionismo storico che sterilizza le parole e svuota i concetti che le parole veicolano.

A simple, easily understood answer to my question. Deposito Money Bin? I mean, it is going to be an opinion-based issue, though an interesting one. However the criteria set some strict constraints to avoid arbitrary answers and require answers to be constructive and justifiable on the basis of the history of Italian literature. In my opinion lists are useful for a variety of reasons: if you have a budget to spend on Italian books, which books would you purchase so that your collection would represent Italian language at its very best, with its history, variety, etc.?

DaG comment is just fine. Thanks DaG. Why would you say such a thing? In catalano abbiamo anche accenti acuti e accenti gravi che usiamo seguendo delle regole di accentazione, tenendo conto del suono aperto o chiuso della vocale che va accentata per sapere se l'accento grafico deve essere acuto o grave. It was a typo. All the expressions I listed have in common the negative form, explicitly used to minimize the act itself.

Would you also mind providing some extra references to grammar rules? How would the etymology help you understanding how to use those prepositions? Both comes from Latin, but that doesn't help much. Language any language! For a structure to be stable, it should rely on certain laws, some logic behind every part of the construction. The fact that we don't remember or don't pay attention to such logic doesn't mean that it didn't exist at the time when the language has been developing. I'm perfectly aware that it's not always possible to recover such logic after centuries, but if it's possible, may I try?

Moreover, there are programs able to analyse the grammar rules--not perfect, but quite well. I think you will need something more that a SE website, the Italian language is not something that happened after the Latin, but the result of languages that were there before Latin and arrived during and after the Roman empire.

This is why there is no rule or etymology of in or a, but you should find the etymology for each possible expression. I did not think that this would work, my best friend showed me this website, and it does! I get my most wanted eBook. My friends are so mad that they do not know how I have all the high quality ebook which they do not!

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Ancora troppi, speriamo che scendano presto a livelli da prefisso telefonico, magari quello di Genova Commento bellissimo e arguto, e' il piu' bello del gg.. Dal di li e' sparito pure lui:. Ogni tanto una bella notizia ci deve pur essere. Mi ricordo quando dicevano E che cosa era E' dall'ottobre che stiamo aspettando il grande evento della fine: che ora sembra vicina. Riempite le piazze ma non le urne.

Sono ancora molti spero in un prossimo calo. Non erano proprio pazzi. I loro elettori tradizionali tutto lo stato profondo,la PA,coop,et similia ,avevano come piano ultimo la sostituzione di VOTI persi dagli Italiani,quelli di questi "diversamente italiani",poi progettavano lo "ius soli" ELPIRL - lo so che i dati ti spaventano, che ormai spari solo cavolate pur di dfendere l'indifendibile, ma fattene una ragione Scomparite piattole!! Prossima battaglia distruggere il Vaticano con tutto il suo marciume. E' vero che al PD resta ancora un discreto margine di circa Prossima battaglia distruggere lo Stato del Vaticano,creatura del Fascismo,con tutto il suo "marciume".

Poveri illusi, non si accorgono che l'animo comunista del dell'agonizzante PD si sta trasferendo presso i 5s: statalismo, pauperismo, islamismo, in una parola comunismo. Si costituiranno nuovi partiti, che raccoglieranno percentuali sufficienti ad entrare in parlamento e guadagnare lauti stipendi Ovvio: con la kyenge tra le fila Secondo me diventa il vecchio psi..


Fusse che Fusse la vorta bona aaa!!! Armeno nun ce vengo n a rumpe coion co sti neri dell'affrica Sono ancora troppi. Devono sparire sto comunisti di merd4. Elpirl - ti brucia sapere che i tuoi amici stanno sparendo, eh? Anche se non penso sia vero. Sai, voi siete di coccio, anche se vedete cose che non vanno, voi continuate a votare chi sfascia l'Italia, solo per ideologia, non certo per convinzione, altrimenti sareste proprio da manicomio. Eppero' rompono i cxxxxxxi come se fossero al Ora tutto cio' che serve e' un comune nemico da combattere per galvanizzare le "masse" di sostenitori.

C'e un dio in politica, la sinistra sparira con tutti sue 'followers ' afinche l'Italia sia libera! Piu il PD scende, meglio mi sento I partiti nascono e muoiono ma continuano a circolare le ideologie comunista fascista mafiosa e cattolico perdonista.

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Ed in questo momento paradossalmente ci governano. Il problema del paese sono gli italiani non i politici. Sono affranto. Franco Grilli mi permetto di definirla solo patetico. Tenga presente che ai sondaggi credo poco. No sulla nave Diciotti complimenti! Altro che sparire Condividi: Commenti: Partito democratico Pd.

Campagna contro l 'abbandono dei comunisti