Die Bedeutung des Nichtwählers (German Edition)

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Share full text access. Please review our Terms and Conditions of Use and check box below to share full-text version of article. Abstract Abstract: This article reviews conventional wisdom about determinants of electoral participation in general, and of participation in European elections in particular. Citing Literature.

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Political Representation and Euroscepticism: Evidence from Poland. Scope of government preferences. European elections after Eastern enlargement: preliminary results from the European election study Dynamics in European Political Identity. Political effects of low turnout in national and European elections. European Citizenship and Identity. Europe as our new nation: trust and legitimacy in the EU. Who treated the European Election in Greece as a second-orderelection?

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European Elections and Domestic Politics. Lessons from the Past and Scenarios for the Future. The support base of radical right parties in the enlarged European Union States. EU Support and Party Choice.

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The economy and the vote: Economic conditions and elections in fifteen countries. Conflict and identity: explaining turnout and anti-integrationist voting in the Danish elections for the European Parliament. From Consensus to Competition?. Ideological Alternatives on the EU Dimension. The second-order election model and the european parliament elections of June in Greece. Exploring heterogeneity in the newly enlarged EU. Rethinking the dependent variable in voting behavior: On the measurement and analysis of electoral utilities.

Deutsche Parteien und Europawahlen: Programmatische Schwerpunkte Off-line: The European parliamentary elections on television news in the enlarged Europe. The fading power of national politics to structure voting behavior in elections to the European Parliament. Parteien, Programme und Wahlverhalten.

About voting and non‐voting in the European elections of June 1989

The European parliament elections of June still second-order? Europawahl Enquetes sur les Elections Europeennes. Die Beteiligung der Deutschen bei der Europawahl Wen interessieren schon die Europawahlen?. Founding Elections der erweiterten EU und europaeische Integration. European Elections after Eastern Enlargement. Inhalte der Europawahlprogramme deutscher Parteien Defining the EU political space: an empirical study of the European elections manifestos, Television coverage of the European parliamentary elections.

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Issue ownership and party choice. Les non-europeennes de juin Media and mobilization in the European parliamentary election. The Voter Turnout Puzzles. Protest or mainstream? How the European anti-immigrant parties have developed into two separate groups by Die politische Bedeutung niedriger Beteiligungsraten bei Europawahlen. Der Hauptwahlzyklus und die Ergebnisse von Nebenwahlen. The Dynamics of Electoral Participation.

Europe at the Polls: The European Elections of Political Representation and Legitimacy in the European Union.

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Dynamic Representation: the Case of European Integration. European Elections and the European Voter. How structural factors cause turnout variations at European Parliament elections. Has Flanders gone normal? Le elezioni del parlamento Europeo Danimarca: un'elezione al margine dell'Europa. Zur vergleichenden Analyse des Einflusses gesellschaftlicher Faktoren auf das Wahlverhalten: Forschungsfragen, Analysestrategien und einige Ergebnisse.

Citizen Participation in European Politics. Why Some People Vote and Others do not. Anti-immigrant parties in Europe: Ideological or protest vote? Distinctiveness and Cohesion of Political Parties. Issue Congruence. The Cognitive Basis of Voting.

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  • Policy Preferences and Party Choice. Electoral engineering and cross-national turnout differences: what role for compulsory voting? Testing the second-order election model after four European elections. Social representation. Computerfile and Codebook.

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    Territorial representation. Political representation in the European Parliament. European elections and the European voter. Britain: Opening Pandora's Box.

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    The Institutional Context: Turnout. The Electoral Connection and the Democratic Deficit. Luxembourg: Second-Order Irrelevance. The Strategic Context: Voting Choice. The Party Context: Outcomes. Region - Nation - Europa. Voting Behavior in Europe: A comperative analysis of electoral participation and party choice.

    First Resultsfrom the European Elections Study. Referendum outcomes and trust in government: Public support for Europe in the wake of Maastricht. Le Vote des Douze: Les elections europeennes de juin Uncorking the bottle: Popular opposition to European unification in the wake of Maastricht. Survey research on European elections. Attitudes toward Europe and referendum votes: A response to Siune and Svensson. Definition Internal political efficacy can be understood as the assessment of self-efficacy concering the specific political abilities, the political understanding, engagement or participation.

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