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She was just blocks away when it happened because she was running late to see the motorcade.

Coming Home with the Kennedys : 2013

Late that night I remember her coming home totally disheveled and in tears she so loved JFK. She was very ashamed to live in a city whose citizens were so openly hostile to the President, resulting in his assassination. I spent days glued to the TV set watching all the news coverage and crying my little eyes out. On Friday morning, Nov.

The ship was on its first leg westward to begin a cruise in the Far East that would last until late May My office on the ship was next to the weather office, and the weathermen's teletype -- remember them? There was no panic, no emergency alert to get the ship underway and out to sea. I went on a planned weekend tour of the island of Oahu with a shipmate who became a life-long friend.

Much of our discussions that weekend were about the killing of the president. Earlier this month, I returned from week's visit with my friend of fifty years, who lives in rural northwest Minnesota. He is a retired farmer, I am a retired lawyer. We visit each other regularly and still swap sea stories, including about where we were on Nov. I would love to tell you and the world; what I was doing the moment, I heard of this senseless murder of John F Kennedy. I was five years old looking at a black and white television when it aired.

The anchorman was Walter Leland Cronkite, Jr. My mother started crying uncontrollably.

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I started crying as well, even though, not knowing why I was crying. My mother sat all of her 7 children down and explained what had happen. We all cried after she explained how good this man was. This was time of despair, we were in the mist of finding who we were as a people. Our leader that lead us was now gone. Adriane, I am now a baby boomer and some of us are retiring, but not me.

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And then she relies on the script, even when she is with her own family. She was Lieutenant Governor of Maryland and she got everything through hard work. The lighting of the Emigrant Flame was an emotional moment for the family. Related: Boston. Toggle navigation.

International Irish more successful than ever before: celebrate with IrishCentral. A quiet revolution is taking place In Tramore, Co. Seaweed super food - a healthy new industry in Ireland. Mike Pence to visit ancestral home of Ireland on official September visit. Former Irish leader is in intensive care in Dublin hospital.

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Funeral lays 21 Irish Famine victims to rest in Canada. Little known tale of generous Turkish aid to the Irish during the Great Hunger.

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Extraordinary story of Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. A person popularly dubbed the "umbrella man" has been the object of much speculation, as he was the only person seen carrying, and opening, an umbrella on that sunny day. He was also one of the closest bystanders to President John F. Kennedy when Kennedy was first struck by a bullet. As Kennedy's limousine approached, the man opened up and lifted the umbrella high above his head, then spun or panned the umbrella from east to west clockwise as the president passed by him.

In the aftermath of the assassination, the "umbrella man" sat down on the sidewalk next to another man before getting up and walking towards the Texas School Book Depository. Early speculation came from assassination researchers Josiah Thompson and Richard Sprague who noticed the open umbrella in a series of photographs.

Thompson and Sprague suggested that the "umbrella man" may have been acting as a signaler of some kind, opening his umbrella to signal "go ahead" and then raising it to communicate "fire a second round" to other gunmen. Cutler and endorsed by Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty is that the umbrella may have been used to fire a dart with a paralyzing agent at Kennedy to immobilize his muscles and make him a "sitting duck" for an assassination. He said that he brought the umbrella simply to heckle Kennedy whose father Joseph had been a supporter of the Nazi-appeasing British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain.

An umbrella had been used in cartoons in the s to symbolize such appeasement, and Chamberlain often carried an umbrella. Black umbrellas had been used in connection with protests against the President before; at the time of the construction of the Berlin Wall , a group of schoolchildren from Bonn sent the White House an umbrella labeled Chamberlain. Witt died on November 17, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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For other uses, see Umbrella Man. In the aftermath of the assassination, two men can be seen sitting together on the sidewalk on the right side of the photograph. admin