Rock My World (Black Falcon Series Novella 2.5)

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In this Novella we get to see where Aubrey comes from.

Rock My Bed

Her family and why she is so reluctant for them to meet Zach Riff. Ohhhh and let me tell you I wanted to punch the crap out of her mom and dad! Yup in this installment she takes Riff home to meet her uptight, asshole parents. Her brother wasn't so bad and I enjoyed his character. Well you know me and my need for drama and believe me there is drama.

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Its interesting how Zach handles the situation. I feel so bad for both of them as her family tries to tear them apart. I think I was so anxious and upset at a certain point in the book, ohhhhh and then you want to know what Michelle did to my heart???

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She almost broke it and my faith in Zach! I was hyperventilating, I couldn't take it. Nelson Hobbs.

Rock My World

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    If the rest of the guys are out doing their own thing, then why shouldn't he? He's about to turn things up a notch and bring a whole new level of crazy into Black Falcon's world.

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    Francine Mead is putting her sordid past behind and is determined to help others overcome their demons along side her. The first step in her new life is taking a job as an addiction counselor, where she can mentor others through their struggles. Francine never expected to be lured back into temptation when her first sexy celebrity client, Tyke Douglas walks through her door.

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    The moment she lays eyes on him, she's in trouble. Both Tyke and Francine know a relationship between them would be a disaster, but with each session, things continue to heat up, making it impossible to deny the connection they share. Boundaries cross, attractions heighten and both of their willpowers will be tested to the very limit.

    Novel centers around Tyke Douglas, bassist of Black Falcon, and is final book in the series. While it's not necessary to read the books in order, it will enhance the reader's overall experience of the series. Other books in this series.