Die Struktur der japanischen Gesellschaft nach Nakane (German Edition)

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Editor: Alessandro Stanziani. In this book, worldwide acknowledged specialists of Russia, China, Russia, Japan, India, the Indian Ocean, France and Britain show that between the seventeenth and the twentieth century, forms of labour and bondage were defined and practised in reference to each other.

Labour relationships found their sources not only in the global circulation of models, peoples, goods and institutions, but also in market dynamics. Proto-industry, agriculture, trade and manufacturing experienced unprecedented growth throughout Eurasia. Mostly labour-intensive, this long-term growth put considerable pressure on labour resources and contributed to increased coercion and legal constraints on labour mobility in both Asia and Europe.

Author: Jin Noda. Noda makes use of both Russian and Qing archival documents as well as local Islamic sources. Author: Aiqun Hu. The book covers both Nationalist- and Communist-controlled areas and Taiwan present , surpassing the party divide. Having let go of their activist pasts years before, a group of former revolutionaries are reunited at the wedding of one of their own.

Everything passes off quietly until the last arrival begins accusing his former comrades of betraying the movement for personal gain.


With all vestiges of civility pushed aside, the wedding rapidly degenerates into a brawl, as old wounds and rivalries resurface. Captain Yonnoi Ryuichi Sakamato , the new camp commandant, becomes obsessed with breaking the new inmate's spirit, whilst interpreter Lieutenant Colonel Lawrence Tom Conti tries to mediate between them. As two different codes of honour clash, Yonnoi forces a confrontation with Celliers that brings them to the point of no return.

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After high school student Makoto Miyuki Kuwano is saved from the lecherous advances of a middle-aged man she begins a relationship with her saviour Kiyoshi Yusuke Kawazu , a violent hoodlum, who introduces her to a life of extortion and blackmail. Without any money, the reckless young lovers begin the dangerous but lucrative business of extorting money from the men that Makoto seduces in Tokyo. Teacher Wakizaka Katsuo Nakamura murders the man who has raped Shoko Mariko Kaga , the student that he secretly loves.

He is subsequently blackmailed by a thief who witnessed the murder, and forced to 'babysit' a large sum of stolen cash until the man is released from prison. But as his guilt and remorse eat away at him, Wakizaka decides to use the cash to finance a whirlwind spending spree, satisfying every whim and sensory urge that he can imagine, in the hope of satiating his desire for the now newly-wed and beyond his reach Shoko.

Makoto Miyuki Kuwano , a high school student falls for Kiyoshi Yusuke Kawazu , a violent hoodlum, who introduces her to a life of extortion and blackmail. A bleak, downbeat view of the disillusionment among Japan's post-war generation.

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Since opening his practice in , he has built extensively in Japan, Europe, the United States and more recently China. Through his work, both as an architect and theorist, Isozaki has acted as a bridge between the East and the West, exporting Japanese architecture and introducing Western trends into Japan.

This book presents a selection of his vast oeuvre in six thematic chapters, conceived by Arata Isozaki himself together with Ken Tadashi Oshima. These chapters follow the principles of Isozaki's instructive theorization of architecture and his own architectural works. Each chapter is introduced by Ken Tadashi Oshima, and this is followed by a conceptual essay by Isozaki. Projects are then presented in depth accompanied by a wealth of illustrations from the Isozaki Office Archive, including sketches, silkscreens, drawings, photographs and models. Even before our current predicaments, the mass-produced, factory-made home had a distinguished history, having served as a vital precept in the development of Modern architecture.

Today, with the digital revolution reorganizing the relationship between drafting board and factory, it continues to spur innovative manufacturing and design, and its potential has clearly not yet come to fruition. It also includes focused texts on approximately 40 historical projects and five commissions, as well as a bibliography. A number of emerging common themes across the three dimensions and across the four national settings include structural conflicts between cost efficiency and quality of care, and individual conflicts between the core activity of caring for patients and the increasing demands of administration and other peripheral work.

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The study identifies a number of strategies used by nurses to balance these conflicting demands. Overall, the professional identity of nurses remains strong, but it is important for policy makers to be aware of the potential negative effects, in terms of staff turnover, mobility and job dis satisfaction, of the current state of the health care sector.

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