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I Need You. Dizzy Miss Lizzy. Another Girl. Act Naturally. Till There Was You. Roll Over Beethoven. Please Mister Postman. Not A Second Time. I find this song to be underrated by many and is often overlooked. What a gem. It is a lot like a doo wop as the page said. Wow, the Beatles never cease to amaze.

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I can understand how Lennon dismisses it as another knock off type song, but that only belies his genius. This is one of them. Rolling Stone magazine have this in their greatest Beatles songs list at number Even Yellow Submarine is ranked higher! But still, 99? We could sit and discuss and analyse this for hours on end but it all boils down to all of the above comments and the fact that it is just a brilliant brilliant song in every possible way. It has everything and still now, almost 50 years later, it is like a roundhouse kick to the heart each and every time.

George is especially amazing I think here, but he is my favourite and can do no wrong but that harmony and the manner in which they recorded it is astonishing. I teach harmony and will absolutely be using this song as a demonstration in harmonic perfection with my students in the coming term.

Yes It Is - Beatles

Or am I just crazy? Wonderful harmony by John, Paul and George. I loved this song, written of course by John Lennon ,when I first heard it and always will. Was of course the B side to Ticket To Ride. Yes It Is was released a few months before Yesterday, and it was every bit as good, if not better. John was too modest about his writing and singing, which was the image of the early beatles.

John was far too dismissive of this song. This song make me cry. Even though John died many years ago, I am still sad about his death. Hard to believe he did not like his own singing. While trying to get over a breakup I made a mixtape of songs that captured the loss I was feeling. I like that its not played that often. It makes the hearing that much more special.

I put it in my top ten Beatles songs. Those sounds are guitar pedal variations? Great recording and song. Just a bit out tune on the vocals on the first verse, then near perfect after that; but the mistakes and intonation errors have always been part of the charm, for me. You know the music was done by real people—one of the things missing today in our time-corrected, auto tuned music.

One could moreso forgive the tuning on these harmonies as these are quite a bit more difficult compared to This Boy. Interesting how many people here raise the possibility that the girl in the song might have died. I was there writing it with John, but it was his inspiration that I helped him finish off. Yes It Is is a very fine song of John's, a ballad, unusual for John.

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He wrote some beautiful ballads but I'm known generally as the balladeer. Latest Comments. One of my favorite Beatles songs because of the harmonies on it. RayEarlStoddard Saturday 18 October Craig M. Wednesday 4 October MikeP Wednesday 4 October Jim Blean Saturday 12 December ForgetScowl Saturday 31 January Andrew Ibrahim Thursday 8 December What happend to her?

Dave Rybaczewski Sunday 21 February BeatleBug Sunday 8 February Marc Saturday 24 November I agree! Steev Sunday 15 August Nelson Friday 21 January Jeff Brodbeck Saturday 11 September Daniel Thursday 30 December TomMo Friday 15 June Robert Berentzen Monday 22 October John Thursday 20 August Steve Rogers Saturday 23 February James Ferrell Saturday 5 October Rick S Saturday 30 November What a great song, that is so overlooked, even by John himself!

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