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Beth and the Bachelor. Listen To Your Heart. Fern Michaels. His Taste of Temptation. Cathryn Fox. Wildest Dreams. Robyn Carr. And if they did this, what might have happened next? And so on. So the number of holiday customs engaged in are simply a reflection of how people in that time would have behaved over the holidays. I think we forget what it must have been like when there was no chance of traveling far because of snow and weather, and there were no cars, phone, or internet! People had to entertain themselves, and that, in truth, is where most of our holiday customs spring from.

Why is that missing? Christmas trees - the erecting and decorating of them - while echoing the decorating of a house with fir and holly, was a German custom.

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Only much later, after the marriage of Victoria to Albert, who introduced the custom of Christmas trees to the royal household, did the custom of Christmas trees become more widely adopted in England. Victoria married Albert in , so in in Scotland, the custom of a Christmas had not yet arrived. Although there are a lot of holiday customs throughout the book, they are largely in the background, forming a colorful tapestry against which the action occurs.

The romance in this book is between a governess to one Cynster family and a tutor from another. What moved you to write about their romance? Two reasons, both story-based. This book is an essential volume for setting up the following Cynster books, those of the romances of the next generation of Cynsters, the children of the Bar Cynster couples.

We collectively - both readers and myself as author - needed a chance to form some idea of how those children were evolving into adults - so this book could not be about one of their romances. But obviously there had to be a romance! Daniel is the son of a minister, and Claire is a well-born lady in reduced circumstances after being widowed.

There was plenty of material for a romance between them, and, simultaneously, their positions as governess and tutor to the Cynster children meant those children would also feature. Why is that? Knowing at least one of these characters beforehand - understanding what has made them as they are, what their strengths are, and even more importantly what weaknesses they hide - allows greater interest, empathy, and absorption for the reader. In the case of the Cynster Next Generation, the children of the Bar Cynster couples, readers know who they are, but have seen very little of them.

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And as we all know, actions speak much louder than words about the caliber of people, of who they really are beneath the outer glamor. Unsurprisingly, the first pair of Cynster Next Generation romances are those of Lucilla and Marcus, and as they are twins, the stories are tightly linked. Further Cynster novels are scheduled for release in Put your feet up, kick back and relax, and enjoy the holidays Cynsters-style!

Daniel Crosbie felt as if all his Christmases had come at once. Letting his gaze travel the Great Hall of Casphairn Manor, filled to overflowing with six Cynster families and various associated household members, he allowed himself a moment to savor both his unexpected good fortune and his consequent hope. About him, the combined households were enjoying the hearty dinner provided to welcome them to the celebration planned for the next ten days—as Daniel understood it, a combination of Christmas, the more ancient Yuletide, and Hogmanay.

Seated about the long refectory-like tables on benches rather than chairs, with eyes alight and smiles on their faces, the assembled throng was in ebullient mood. Conversation and laughter abounded; delight and expectation shone in most faces, illuminated by the warm glow of the candlelight cast from massive circular chandeliers depending from thick chains from the high-domed ceiling.

The central room about which the manor was built, the Great Hall lived up to its name; the space within its thick walls of pale gray stone was large enough to accommodate the Cynster contingent, all told about sixty strong, as well as the families of the various retainers who worked in and around the manor, which functioned like a small village. With no family of his own still alive, Daniel had spent his last ten Christmases with the Cynster family for whom he acted as tutor—the family of Mr.

Alasdair Cynster and his wife, Phyllida—but this was the first time in that decade that the Cynsters had come north for Christmas. The six Cynster families present—the six families closest to the dukedom of St. Ives, those of Devil, Duke of St. Ives, his brother Richard, and his cousins Vane, Harry, Rupert, and Alasdair—invariably came together at Christmastime. They were often joined by other connected families not present on this occasion; the long journey to the Vale, in the western Lowlands of Scotland, to the home of Richard Cynster and his wife Catriona in a season that had turned icy and cold with snow on the ground much earlier than expected had discouraged all but the most determined.

Out of long-established habit, Daniel glanced at his charges—soon to be erstwhile charges—seated at the next table with their cousins and second cousins. He made a mental note to inquire later. Now eleven, later in the coming year, Jason, too, would start his formal schooling—a circumstance which had, for Daniel, raised the uncomfortable question of what he would do then. The question had plagued him for several months, not least because if he was ever to have a chance at the sort of life he now knew he wanted, and, if at all possible, was determined to claim, he needed to have secure employment—a place, a position, with a steady salary or stipend.

Cynster—Alasdair—had called him into the library and laid before him a proposal that, in a nutshell, was the answer to all his prayers. On several occasions over the years, Daniel had assisted Alasdair with his interests in ancient and antique jewelry, with documenting finds and establishing provenances, and also with cataloguing and adding to the collection of rare books Alasdair had inherited from the previous owner of the manor.

The suggested stipend was generous, the conditions all Daniel could have hoped for.

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Not only would the new position suit him, it would solve all his difficulties. He glanced along the board to his right. Clad in a soft woolen gown in a muted shade of blue, Claire—Mrs. Meadows—was sitting on the opposite side of the table, two places down. Raven was chatting to Mr. All five had met and shared duties on several occasions before; the rapport between them was comfortable and relaxed. Over the coming days, they would, between them, keep an eye on the combined flock of Cynster children—the younger ones, at least.

The oldest group, the seventeen-year-olds led by eighteen-year-old Sebastian Cynster, Marquess of Earith and future head of the house, could be relied on to take care of themselves, along with the large group of sixteen- and fifteen-year-old males. But there were six boys thirteen years and under, and seven girls ranging from eight to fourteen years old, and over them the tutors and governesses would need to exert control sufficient to ensure they remained suitably occupied. Daniel had managed to keep his gaze from Claire for all of ten minutes.

Despite the color and vibrancy, the noise and distraction—despite the many handsome and outright stunningly beautiful faces around about—hers was the shining star in his firmament; regardless of where they were, regardless of competing sights and sounds, she effortlessly drew his gaze and transfixed his attention. With each exposure, his attraction to Claire, his focus on her, had only grown more definite, more acute, until the obvious conclusion had stared him in the face, impossible to resist, much less deny. Seated with his back to the table at which the Cynster children were gathered, Raven had turned and asked what the animated talk had been about.

Riding out to assess the position and state of the deer herds had been the answer. Daniel nodded. This book hits the shelves November Hope, Montana is no longer home to Andy Granger, who sold his piece of the family land to developers. But Andy may surprise everyone… including himself. Johns, too, who has also started humming Christmas carols.

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