Undersea Seduction

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Front Entrance: This is the Main hall of the temple. In case of an attack or a warning by the outside patrol, 1 guard will go to alert the high priestess then the remaining guards before returning here. Main Temple Area: This is the main worship area of the temple, it is dominated by a large stone altar and a very large golden statue of the shark god that the sahuagin worship.

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The golden statue is protected from erosion and damage by spells of preservation. It weighs lb. It is unlikely your players will be able to get it to the top and if they do… chapter 6 will see that they do not keep it. Decorative Hallway: This long hallway is inlaid with murals depicting the victories of the sahuagin against sea elves, tritons, and even surface dwellers.

Evidently both the murals and this temple commemorate the victories of a long ago hero of the sahuagin people.

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Barracks: These quarters house the day to day guards of the temple. They have beds of kelp and seaweed along with crude stone chairs and such.

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Several discarded fish carcasses litter the room. Those searching through the beds will find a pearl gp. In case of a surprise attack there will be 6 guards in each room. Captains Quarters: This room is occupied by the sahuagin commander, he considers this posting a punishment since there is little chance for combat or promotion here.

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He is one of the 4 armed mutants that occasionally appear in sahuagin society. Treasure: Carved sculpture stone weighs 10 lb. Armory: This small room contains weapons that the captain keeps under guard. It contains 10 heavy crossbows designed for firing underwater. Handler Quarters: These are the quarters for the shark handlers.

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They have no personal treasure. These particular sharks have an odd reddish tint on their bellies. The sahuagin have decided they are hold creatures and breed them here for service to their shark god. They will not use the sharks for cannon fodder but if the guards are losing the captain or any of the priests will order the handlers to bring in the sharks to aid them.

Sharks: 2 medium sharks hp 20, 22 and 1 large shark hp 49 MM 3E. Secret Hatch: This is a secret door located in the roof of the temple, it is designed as an emergency way out in case of a siege. It is merely a loosened piece of coral block in the roof above the shark pool. Lesser Priestess Quarters: This room is the quarters to 2 female priests hp 15 each who serve at the temple.

They deserve individual quarters but the high priestess uses them against each other to keep her position secure. Treasure: Priestess 2 has hidden a magical charm under her sparse bedding. It appears to be a disk made of metal with magical symbols upon it. Kudadoo is filled with taste experiences inspired by you, adapted to your dietary requirements and seasoned to perfection by the executive chef.

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Pick a spot and delve into gastronomic perfection as we take you on a culinary journey! Cherish the company of your loved one and gaze at the ocean while savouring superb food inspired by your personal preferences.

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There are no menus, only suggestions. The executive chef, a fine dining maven with a passion for designing bespoke gastronomic treats with a personalised signature twist will spark your culinary curiosity at any time of the day. An appealing and sense-seducing mix of exquisite dining and otherworldly locations is yours to be had at Kudadoo. A gourmet picnic or a celebration of a special event on Dream Island.

Foster your epicurean nature in this unique culinary hideaway. Dive into culinary pleasures at 5. The restaurant can be booked in its entirety for private dining, personal events or corporate meetings.

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  7. Morbi tellus justo, vulputate a bibendum non, semper vel dolor. Sed ac sodales arcu, vitae finibus mi. You have the freedom to have any meal served in the comfort of your residence, delight in spending uninterrupted moments in the company of your favourite people, with sights as astounding as the dishes.

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