Dance of the Winnebagos (Jackrabbit Junction Humorous Mystery Book 1)

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Most nights, you can find her hanging out over at www. Optical Delusions in Deadwood. Ann Charles. Hilarious, original, and genuinely wonderful. This fresh and feisty mystery will instantly win your heart. Loved it! Move over Stephanie Plum--Vi Parker is here!

Ann Charles

You'll cringe. You'll want even more! Published: October 4, A scrappy, hot-blooded woman can only take so much! Violet Parker is on fire … or rather under fire yet again. Published: June 20, Words: 24, Published: September 25, It's Thanksgiving Day in Jackrabbit Junction and the feathers are flying before the food even hits the table. Never has Thanksgiving been so wild! Note: This is volume 4.

Published: August 27, Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned Words: 12, Published: March 3, It is set in the story time between the third and fourth books in the Deadwood Mystery series. Words: 8, What do you get when you combine a chicken named Elvis, a locked diary, and a secret Violet Parker does not want share with her daughter?

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Published: February 25, A dust devil of mystery and mayhem pulls Claire into a storm full of rowdy sisters, ominous threats, relationship snafus, and a dangerous mine that could be a treasure trove of trouble. Published: February 19, A steamy jungle, an ancient curse, a deadly secret—one big sweaty mess! Claire Morgan is determined to unravel the mystery behind a stolen treasure before goons come gunning for it—and her family. But all the strangers roaming around town have her anxiety red-lining.

Then her mother shows up …. Language: American English.

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Published: February 18, Claire is back, raining trouble throughout Jackrabbit Junction in another fast-paced, fun, sexy suspense. A burglar is on the loose! Claire wastes no time forming suspicions, but she's sidetracked by a treasure hunt. Even with help from her boyfriend, Claire is swirling in a whirlpool of chaos.

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Then her mother arrives When Claire's grandfather and his army buddies converge in the Arizona desert, it's her thankless job to keep them out of trouble with the opposite sex. But when she finds a human leg bone and partners with a reluctant geotechnician to dig up secrets from the past, trouble finds her. If she doesn't stop digging, she could wind up dead. Published: February 7, Meanwhile, Back in Deadwood … the mystery and mayhem continue. But there is no escaping another murder investigation or her new deadly reputation.

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Not even if both risk the lives of those she loves most. Something has gone foul in the Black Hills … something gravely unnatural. Leave it to Violet Parker to stumble into the middle of it.

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  • Dance of the Winnebagos (Jackrabbit Junction Mystery, book 1) by Ann Charles.

A creepy phone call. A dead body. Two meddling detectives.

Ann Charles

A glut of trouble-making ex-partners. Can things get any worse? Violet swears to keep her nose out of police business this time.

But when her son is linked to the victim, she returns to the scene of the cr.